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Neil Brown

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Neal Brown, a.k.a. Skinny, was a Lawman in Dodge City, Kansas in the late 1870's. Brown was commissioned in Oklahoma Territory under Marshal Evett Dumas Nix. Brown and Bill Tilghman came to Indian Territory from Dodge City about the same time. He was a half-blood Cherokee. In January of 1895, Neal was with Bill Tilghman and Charley Bearclaw, a former army scout on a mission to arrest persons harboring the Doolin gang. Their journey took them into the Ingalls area where on their second day of travel it turned bitter cold, starting to snow and sleet. South of Ingalls smoke was spotted coming out of a dugout chimney which appeared to be a good place to get out of the elements. As Tilghman climbed out of the covered wagon he could not see any horses or activity around the dugout. Finding the front door unlocked he pushed the door open, forcing his way inside. He had no idea that he had just entered the dugout of Bill Dunn, where he was about to face ten of the most dangerous outlaws in all Oklahoma and Indian Territory. In the bunks were Bill Doolin, Little Dick West, Red Buck, Tulsa Jack, Dynamite Dick, Charlie Pierce, Bitter Creek and Little Bill Raidler, with Bill Dunn setting in a chair cradling his Winchester rifle on his legs. Tilghman moved toward the fireplace of blazing logs where he warmed himself making sure not looking back over his shoulder, only making idle chatter until he excused himself, leaving the dugout into darkness. The band of outlaws allowed Tilghman to enter and walk out without being killed because they knew a hundred marshals would be after them if they killed him and Bill Doolin's control over the gang. A quick departure to Pawnee was made where they reported to Chief Deputy John Hale that contact was made with the whole Doolin Gang. A posse made up of several deputy marshals departed for the Dunn's dugout but found the gang had already departed. (Outlaws on Horseback) (Bill Doolin O. T.) (45 Caliber Law) (U.S. Deputy Marshals, I. T. & O. T., 1893 - 1896)

... as seen through the eyes of one person


Neil Brown seated front row, far right

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