Bat Masterson

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Born Bertholomiew Masterson on November 26, 1853 in the parish of St. George, Henryville,County of Iberville, Province of Quebec, Canada.

His professions were Buffalo Hunter, Army Scout, Gunfighter, Lawman, Deputy Marshal and Marshal.

By his very nature, Bat was a genial, lovable character, extremely loyal and a lover of practical jokes, even when played on himself.

In 1874, he and a band of trappers and hunters, held off an attack by hundreds of Kiowa warriors at Abode Walls, Texas.

Visiting his brother in Dodge City, Kansas in 1876 Bat Masterson found himself being offered a job as deputy marshal by sheriff Wild Bill Hickok. Wyatt Earp was assistant city marshal. Bat Masterson became a deputy marshal along side his brother, deputy marshal Jim Masterson. In 1877, Bat Masterson found himself at the age of 22, sheriff of Ford County.

Sometime during those early years in Dodge, Bat lived with an ex-Ellsworth postitute named Lizzie Palmer nee Adams. Lizzie apparently died from wounds received in a brawl with another woman while fighting over Bat.

In 1879, Bat Masterson was voted out of office and spent considerable amounts of time gambling in the Tombstone area. The next decade, Bat Masterson worked the gambling halls and saloons, doing a stint as town marshal in Trinidad and later in Creed, Colorado.

In 1905, President Teddy Roosevelt appointed Bat Masterson as the United States marshal of the southern district of New York State.

In 1907, Bat Masterson resigned from being marshal and took a job with the Morning Telegraph as sport's editor, something he had never done before

Bat Masterson died on October 25, 1921 diligently at work writing his sport's column at the Morning Telegraph.


William Barclay (Bat) Masterson looking very dandy had a stocky build. Standing 5' 9" tall and compactly constructed, with broad shoulders, a deep chest and muscular arms.

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