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Dave Morrow, Priarie Dog Dave
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Dave Morrow born in Ohio, per the 1880 census, was a stocky man who became known as Prairie Dog Dave.

When the Civil War broke out Dave was living in California. He joined Co. G of the first Regiment of California in May 1863. For the next three years Dave spent time riding the desert trails in California, Arizona and New Mexico chasing Confederate Soldiers, renegrade Navajos and hostile Apaches.

Morrow mustered out of the Military in May 1866. He drifted into Hays City, Kansas where he lived for a number of years. Dave quickly gained a reputation as an excellent shot and first class hunter.

Dave served in several capacities as a Lawman during his Dodge City days. In 1875 he served as Constable for ford County. In 1877 he was on the Dodge City Police force and in 1878 he became a Deputy Sheriff under Bat Masterson.

In June 1883 Morrow was approached by Wyatt Earp for help with the Luke Short affair. Dave was eager to help and agreed to Deputize Wyatt and his boys. That group of men became known as the Dodge City Peace Commission.

Dave served as a deputy under Ham Bell and later retired to farming in Ingalls, Kansas. On October 18, 1893 Dave died in the Kansas State Soldiers Home at Fort dodge. seen through the eyes of one person.


Dog Kelly who owned and operated the Alhambra Saloon in Dodge City was known as a generous man to cowboys that went bust in his place. Kelly would always give them money for food and a place to sleep.