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Dan Tipton
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Dan Tipton seems to have been a loyal friend to Wyatt. He was a Tombstone-era associate and well-known supporter of the Earps. He became a sort of self-appointed bodyguard. He and Sherman McMaster were with Wyatt and Morgan at Campbell and Hatch's Saloon on that fateful evening of March 18, 1882 when Morg was murdered. Dan helped stretch Morg's body out after he was mortally wounded. "Tip old boy," Morg said, "I have played my last game of pool."

Three days later when the Earp party departed Tombstone for the last time he rode with them. At one time newspapers reported Tipton killed at Galisteo, New Mexico. This proved untrue. He rode with the Earps into their exile into Colorado. Later, at Dodge City when Luke Short got crosswise with the local politicians, Tipton, Bat Masterson, Wyatt, Charlie Bassett, Neal Brown and Texas Jack came to help Short. Sometime in the mid-1880s he met Wyatt in El Paso. Around that same time "Tip" became invovled in the profitable but illegal smuggling of Chinese immigrants across the Texas-Mexidan border. In 1897 he was convicted in federal court of smuggling and sentenced to a year in the federal pen at Columbus where he died a year later at the age of 53. His name comes up often but not much on the man himself.

Article from Wild West Magazine
Gem Saloon Shootout

Rennick wasted no time. He left by the back way and crossed the river into Paso Del Norte, but the drama at the Gem Saloon was not over yet. Linn was still searching the saloons for Cahill and threatening to kill him on sight. Cahill managed to elude Linn and returned to the Gem a few minutes after Rayner was removed. He was out of breath and still very much agitated. He rushed through the bar and into the back room, where he asked Jim Gregory, one of the bartenders, to take over for him at the faro table because Linn was looking for him. He then asked Criswell to keep Linn out of the gambling room.

Cahill was understandably shaken by the string of events and asked for a pistol. Dan Tipton gave him a .45. "What'll 1 do?" Cahill asked. "I never was in a gunfight in my life." According to one account, Wyatt Earp advised him to leave and assured him that Linn could be quieted. Cahill said he would not run, whereupon Earp supposedly gave him the following advice: "All right. If you're going to make your fight take your time. He'll come shooting. Have your gun cocked, but don't pull until you're sure what you're shooting at. Aim for his belly, low. The gun'll throw up a bit, but if you hold it tight and wait until he's close enough, you can't miss. Keep cool and take your time."

1882, April - The Earp posse arrives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. While there Doc and Wyatt have an argument, very possibly over a comment made by Doc Holliday. Doc and Dan Tipton head out to Trinidad, Colorado. seen through the eyes of one person.


To date, no photo of Tipton has been found.

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